Production Assistant

Kelsey Lane
Atlanta, GA

Show Title Job Description Contact Genre
CDC/Vision Matrix Production Assistant Beau Beckley Corporate
Project Runway Talent Wrangler Gwen Uzsuko Reality TV Bravo
Doctors in the Community Production Assistant Baqui Kopelman Commercial
Patient Production Assistant Kyle Steinike Film Short
Swab Production Assistant Percey Easley Film Short
American Idol Production Assistant Joseph Willaims Reality TV Fox
The American Baking Competition Production Assistant Andrea Corson Reality TV CBS
A Man in Desperation PA/Script Breakdown Shane Smith Film
Chronicle of Passion Production Assistant Renee & Bobby Peoples New Media
A Grand Mercer Christmas (PBS) Production Assistant John Meek TV
Scarred PA/Continuity John Mallia Film
The Cure PA/Time Code/Continuity Penny Vamp Film
Fat Pig PA/Assistant Director/Crew Runner Shane Twerdum Theater
Projections, Inc. Production Assistant Walter Orechwa Industrial

Work Experience
Production Assistant: see above
Full-time Actor

Production Assistant Training (P.A.T.S.)
Vancouver Film School (Acting for Film & Television)

Experience with how a production and set works, anticipating needs, working with talent, crew
and executives. Understand the parameters of the job, industry and hours required for film and
television production.

Walter Orechwa Renee and Bobby Peoples John L. Meek
Projections, Inc. The Peoples Network TPC
Chief Executive Officer Writer-Director-Producer Executive Producer
678-571-8975 770-744-5177 713-840-7575